Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How to Earn Money from YouTube Channel Videos

How to Earn Money from YouTube Channel Videos

YouTube is most popular and widely used video sharing website. It’s free to upload and watch videos in YouTube.

YouTube allows you to earn money through your non copyrighted videos on YouTube. To earn and get money from your YouTube videos needs some steps to complete:

-          Verify your YouTube Channel Account with your mobile number

-          Enable Channel Setting for video monetization.

-          Associate your YouTube Channel with your Adsense account so that earned money through your videos can be transferred to same account.

-          You need to add payment method (like: EFT) in your Adsense account to transfer money to your real/Bank account. 

-          Enable monetization for your each video while uploading to earn money.

You can further go through below links to get more information on the same:

Create good video content and enjoy extra earning.

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