Monday, 3 April 2017

How to Setup and Earn Money from Amazon Associate Affiliate Program

How to Setup and Earn from Amazon Associate Affiliate Program is world’s largest eCommerce and online retailer website. It operates business in many countries like: India, USA, Canada, Japan, UK and more. Amazon deals with variety of categories in its store like: Electronics, Books, Apparels, Automotive, Musical Instruments and more.

You can start selling Amazon products and get paid for the sale if you own any of the following:

-          Facebook Fan Page

-          Website/Blog

-          Mobile App

Now the question comes how you can associate with Amazon as an affiliate and how you get paid for the sales?

How you can associate with Amazon as an affiliate ?

-          You can start by enrolling yourself with Amazon Affiliate program.

-          You need to first start which country you are focusing based on your audience and traffic. Suppose you have a blog with traffic from United States, you can open Amazon site like: and find the affiliate link at the bottom like:

-          You can find the associate link for any country in the same way as mentioned above.

-          Enter the email and password for your account and start filling required information in few steps as per direction.

-          You will asked for links for your website/blog/Facebook fan page, focus categories, traffic source etc.

-          For store id/tracking id fill any word that will be treated as your referral id with which your will sell products and Amazon will identify your referrals.

How you get paid for the referral sales from Amazon ?

-          When any of your posted product link with your referral id(tracking id) comes to Amazon site, Amazon identifies it and pay you for the sale as per their defined Advertising Fees.

-          You can check daily, weekly or monthly report for sale from you, in your Amazon Affiliate account Report section.

-          You need to add Payment Method under Account Settings in your affiliate account so that Amazon can pay you. There is some threshold limit based on operative country and after the same aggregated amount Amazon will pay you directly as per your provided Payment Method.

So let’s start earning by your own and be your Boss.

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