Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How to Go Live with Image and Audio in Facebook Fan Page (Voting Poll)

How to Go Live with Image and Audio only in Facebook Fan Page (Voting Poll)

Facebook is probably the most popular social media website. It’s easy to use and has phenomenal features for users as well as for business.

Facebook Live( Go Live) is a feature from Facebook through which users can broadcast live video to their friends and the world. Now Facebook Live has 2 options for Facebook Fan Pages:

-          Go Live with Video

-          Go Live with image only( Voting Poll )

Here is the screenshot of the window which you get after clicking on Post -> Go Live on your Facebook Fan Page:

On the top there are two options:

-          Go Live with Video with recording icon
-          Go Live with Photo with mic icon ( for voting poll )

To Go Live with image only you need to click on the second icon and need to select image/photo with which your page will be Live for voting.

Enjoy Go Live with your Facebook Fan Page.

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