Thursday, 19 March 2015

MWS (Amazon Marketplace Web Service) API Integration

MWS (Amazon Marketplace Web Service)

MWS is a web service API from amazon that provide facility to automate the data interchange between seller and amazon regarding inventory management, listing, order, reports, shipping, payments and more.


Automate the Feed upload( Product Upload)

One need to follow the steps to automate the feed/product upload to amazon seller account that will be visible to amazon marketplace for sale:

1     Login to seller account via link :  ( US based seller )

2     Go to Inventory->Add product via upload page and identify your file type to upload. Example: ‘Inventory Loader  File’ for uploading new feeds for all categories

3     Now you need a file template to upload as inventory updater. Important thing is now to decide which way you want to upload your feed upload process either via flat file or XML request. I choose flat file as it is easy to manage and faster in processing for large amount of data.

4     Search for feed flat file template as per selected file type like ‘Inventory Loader File’ and create your feed file as per template. Also, amazon process report can be viewed after submitting feed either from seller central product upload interface or via API call.

5     Now download marketplace ‘API’ specific library from link :

6     Fill entries for Seller specific credentials AWS Access Key ID’, ‘Secret Key, Merchant Id  and Marketplace ID in your .config file( for PHP library ) and run sample files under sample folder as per your requirement like ‘Feed’, ‘Report’ etc.

7     You can check the submitted request status or result via link : ( US based seller )

You may definitely submit Feed, request Reports, update Shipping information, get Customer data, Order specific tasks and much more with MWS API. 


1- Sometimes Amazon process report has errors regarding submitted feeds so you may check the report and correct the feed with either seller product criteria authorization or template specific errors.

2- ASIN-Hint can be last column in your feed file which can assist amazon to identify right products to look for. ASINs can be found under the submitted feed process report as amazon suggest the same after processing your feed.

3- While submitting Report request to amazon like: Inventory report, Order report etc. you need to be very specific to report type which can be found under API documentation.

4- Amazon request throttle is one thing that need to be taken care while implementing API requests as amazon has limits over the incoming requests and exceeding the same gives throttle issue.

There are plenty much more things which you may definitely ask me or can find with your experiences.

Stay Cool !! 


[ Note : Above links are with reference to US marketplace and store. ]

Thanks for your valuable comments and suggestions


  1. do you have all categories for productData ?
    ex: for Watches (length, color, etc.)

    1. As I understand you are concerned with configurational product upload. You may refer template specific page to choose for your need :

      **It is for US seller specific

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  3. Hello,

    I have seller account on Brazil and i am trying to sell books from api.I have also implemented it but book is not displaying.and when i checked from getfeedsubmissionresult api from scrathpad getting some errors and when i resolved getting more errors means this fields missed etc.

    I have also generated xlsx file as per your steps and get which fields are require but not working .error is follows :

    XML Parsing Error at Line 29, Column 18: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'PublicationDate'. One of '{MfrPartNumber, SearchTerms, PlatinumKeywords, Memorabilia, Autographed, UsedFor, ItemType, OtherItemAttributes, TargetAudience, SubjectContent, IsGiftWrapAvailable, IsGiftMessageAvailable, PromotionKeywords, IsDiscontinuedByManufacturer, DeliveryScheduleGroupID, DeliveryChannel, ExternalProductInformation, MaxAggregateShipQuantity, RecommendedBrowseNode, MerchantShippingGroupName, FEDAS_ID, TSDAgeWarning, TSDWarning, TSDLanguage, OptionalPaymentTypeExclusion, DistributionDesignation, ExternalTestingCertification, Battery, BatteryCellType, BatteryWeight, NumberOfLithiumMetalCells, NumberOfLithiumIonCells, LithiumBatteryPackaging, LithiumBatteryEnergyContent, LithiumBatteryWeight, ItemWeight, ItemVolume, FlashPoint, GHSClassificationClass, SupplierDeclaredDGHZRegulation, HazmatUnitedNationsRegulatoryID, SafetyDataSheetURL}' is expected.


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