Monday, 3 April 2017

How to Earn Money from Facebook Fan Page

How to Earn and Make Money from Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is probably the most popular and widely used social networking website in the world. If you are running a Facebook fan page and you have good traffic coming daily to your page, you are already a rich person.

There are many ways to monetize( make and earn money) the traffic coming to your Facebook Fan page:

-          You can create a specific blog site with Advertisement( using Adsense ) on it so that you can earn from your Facebook page traffic

-          You can run advertisement on your own page by liking/promoting other pages which will appear by right side of your Facebook fan page. 

-          You can promote your YouTube videos if you own a YouTube channel.

-          You can associate your page with shopsomething and sell your posts. You will receive good amount on every order/sale from your Facebook fan page.

-          You can associate or enrol with any popular ecommerce site like: Amazon, eBay, Alibaba as an affiliate and navigate the traffic to their site. You will receive handsome amount for every sale into your affiliate account.

If you want to learn more on how to get start selling and receiving money with Amazon, please follow the link How to Setup and Earn Money from Amazon Affiliate Program.

So start earning by your own and be your Boss.

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