Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How to Earn Money from YouTube Cover Songs Video - Revenue Share

How to Earn Money from YouTube Cover Songs Video - Revenue Share

YouTube is a widely used and most popular video sharing website. YouTube gives you opportunity and features to earn money and get paid for your cover songs (Songs which are written by someone else and you are performing on the same).

Now the questions are:

-          How can you use someone else content for YouTube video?

-          Is there any copyright issue for using cover songs for monetization?

The answer is No if you are performing on someone else content then also you can earn money by using YouTube feature Revenue Share.

Revenue share allows you to monetise you cover song in a way so that some part of it goes to its original copyright owner and other part comes to you as earning.

How can I enable revenue share on my cover song video?

You need to know some requirement for the enabling revenue share:

-          Your channel should have video monetization enabled
-          You have uploaded your video with monetization enabled for the same video

If you meet above two requirements then go to video list and click on edit. Now you can select revenue share on your video by selecting checkbox under monetisation tab.

You can also refer below links for further information on the same:

Enjoy your singing passion and earn from your cover song.

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