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YouTube Basic Fundamentals, video monetization, adsense payment, faq

YouTube Basic Fundamentals, Video Monetization, Adsense Payment, FAQ

YouTube is very famous video upload platform all over the world and it has maximum number of viewers. Its free to use( to upload your videos) and you can earn money for the same so it can be your earning partner. There are some basic knowledge you need to know about YouTube and you can find those right here:  

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a platform or website from Google where you can upload videos of your content under many specific categories like: Music, Film & Animation, Cars & Vehicles, Pets & Animals, Sports, Travel & Event and many more.

You need to upload videos of specific formats which are allowed from YouTube like:
  • .MOV
  • .MPEG4
  • MP4
  • .AVI
  • .WMV
  • .FLV
  • 3GPP
  • WebM

Also, You need to provide Title and description with your video so that YouTube can identify it’s what about and show your videos when user search for specific video in YouTube.

How YouTube works?

YouTube is associated with number of Ads Partners all over the world which provides ads to be shown on YouTube videos with specific content and categories.
YouTube gets money to show the Advertisements on its videos and pay the part of the amount to the YouTube Channel owner in his/her Adsense Account.

What is Adsense?

Adsense is an account which can be associated with any of the your monetizing content account like: Website, YouTube Channel, Mobile App, Gaming, Custom Search etc.
In case of YouTube when you get paid for ads impression or click on your videos, your amount is shown in your adsense account. It is credited at specific time in a month and accumulated amount for the whole month is then transferred to your Adsense Account.
You can later use EFT( Electronic Fund Transfer ) to transfer fund to your bank account after specific threshold amount in your YouTube Account.
Meanwhile you will also be needed to verify your address with your Adsense account after a certain amount in your account.

How can we monetize our videos?

Prerequisite for monetizing videos are:
-          You should be logged in YouTube.
-          You should have created a channel under in your YouTube account.
-          Your YouTube account should be verified with your phone number.
-          Your YouTube account should be associated with Adsense Account.
-          You need to enable the setting for monetization under channel setting in your YouTube account.   
-          When you upload your video, you can on the monetization for the same video.
-          After successful video publish, your monetization will start and Ads will be shown on your videos

What are the Ad Types on video?

There are few number of Ads Type you can allow to show on your YouTube videos:
-          Sponsored cards
-          Overlay ads ( Desktop only )
-          Skippable video ads

Note: You can monetise non-third party copyright content only and get paid for the same only.

Check the listing of uploaded videos, monetization status and copyright status

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