Friday, 31 March 2017

How To Remove a Copyright Strike from YouTube Account

How To Remove a Copyright Strike from your YouTube Account

YouTube allows you to monetize your videos but there is an agreement with your when you create the channel that you will take care of the video content and it should not have any third party Copyright contents.

When you breech this agreement by using any such third party Copyrighted video, you will be punished by affecting your YouTube Channel Account with Copyright Strike.

You can remove Copyright Strike from your channel account by going through a test which is called as Copyright School.

When you go through this test by answering 4-5 questions and confirm, your YouTube channel Account is activated. You can view your copyright Strike under CHANNEL -> Status and Features.

Remember: 3 Copyright Strikes in 3 months can make you YouTube channel down/banned forever.


So keep doing good work and create good quality videos. Enjoy !!

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