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Amazon Product Advertising API integration Basics

Amazon Product Advertising API Integration Basics

Product Advertising API helps to advertise Amazon products using product search, look up, product information and features such as Customer Reviews, Similar Products, Wish Lists and New and Used listings. 

You can use the Product Advertising API to advertise Amazon products in conjunction with the Amazon Associates program which is widely available over many countries where Amazon is operating its services.

Before going further to the product advertising API implementation process there are some prerequisite which need to be taken into consideration (I am considering Country US and Technology PHP):  

2-    You can signup here (signup button in product advertising API) using your affiliate account credentials to get the below credentials : 

After login click on the Manage Your Account and follow the instruction ahead.

AWS_API_KEY - Amazon API key
AWS_API_SECRET_KEY - Amazon API secret key
AWS_ASSOCIATE_TAG – Amazon associate Tag (unique identifier for associates – You can generate many as per your need and analysis)

3-      Code Library
4-      Code Library( PHP )

Basic Usage: 
The langparameter is optional: Default is DE $client = new AmazonECS('YOUT API KEY', 'YOUR SECRET KEY', 'DE'); 

$response = $client->category('Books')->search('PHP 5'); 

var_dump($response); For more Examplse see testItemSearch.php and testItemLookup.php

5-    Currently this service is available in many countries where Amazon is operating so first you need to identify your country code to use the service API. Below are the possible code :           

            COUNTRY CODE : 'de', 'com', '', 'ca', 'fr', '', 'it', 'cn', 'es','in'

6-  Scratchpad :

This is the best tool where you can hit and try with Product Advertising API with different parameters and variants. You can as well get the code/object at the page end and option to add extra parameters.

Note : You can checkout Scratpad URLs for different countries while replacing the domain extension like : for India

If you are ready with all prerequisites to implement product advertising API then go ahead with Amazon Product Advertising API Integration Advance 

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