Friday, 27 March 2015

Magento - Customize 503 maintenance default error page

I am gonna tell you all the way to change Magento default 503 page view so that you can set your site on maintenance without thinking , your site is looking shit now.

Just follow the below simple steps and its too easy :

1- Magento root has errors folder and inside the same you can see folder default.

2- When you open processor.php you see const DEFAULT_SKIN = 'default'.

3- Now change this const value from default to customskin( i am assuming this as new skin name).

4- Copy all files from default folder to newly create folder customskin( under errors folder )

5- Now change inside new skin phtml pages as per your need.

6- You may also edit local.xml as per your need.

Stay Cool !!

Thanks for your valuable comments and suggestions.

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