Wednesday, 3 October 2012

SVN Bug Tracker with Screen View

There is a common problem when a large site is built and we need to track the bugs with development on go.
For those who use SVN ( i am referring here for Tortoise SVN on Windows) there is a easy implementation of bug tracker system with Tortoise SVN. Here it is :-

1- Right Click in your repository folder

2- Navigate to the Properties and Click. It opens a new window

3-  Click New -> bugtraq

4- fill %BUGID% in URL and Messsage pattern. Fill other parameters like bug id format etc.

5- Click Ok and now your Bug tracker is on ready.

Now when you commit from your repository you can see Bug Id/Issue Id box where you can fill  out  your  Bug Id that can be seen in the file Log ( in SVN Log as well).

In this way you can easily determine in which bug what are the files that need to be worked on.



2- web-based bugtracking system )

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